Alpine Energy Limited

The two sites on show are of Alpine Energy Limited, that being the Rangitata Substation, and the North Street Control Switchroom with underground cable ducts.

Milward's engineering department were required on these projects.

McCain Foods NZ Ltd

Milward's engineering department dealt with McCain Foods when they required some work for their chimney stack, in this case the foundations.

Bidwill Hospital Construction

Milward and their engineers were heavily required for the construction of Bidwill's new Hospital.

Godley Hotel Carpark - Tekapo

Milward has been required to define the kerb and channeling for the new carpark for the Godley Hotel, which is being worked on by Paul Smith Earthmoving.

The carpark is going to include two tiers of parking, the lower teir being for busses and the upper tier for car parks.

Communications Tower - "The Brothers", Rockwood Road

Milward has been taking levels and marking out the site for a potential new communications tower on top of the hill. With the land being undulated in places and having mounds and outcrops, it is important to get an accurate description of the site for Alpine Energy to continue their work.

The photos included are a 360 degree view from the top of the mound, which is where the comms tower is to go.

Heaton Street Medical Centre

Milward's engineering department was on deck to assist in the new Heaton Street Medical Centre being built.